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E.L.F. Cosmetics-HD Powder & Pressed Powder


So I decided to give E.L.F. Cosmetics a try. So far I’m kind of sorry I did. Before I came to this final decision I put in a second order for some different products and to stock up on the products I already have. Unfortunately most of that order is going to go directly in the trash. The good thing about E.L.F. is that it’s so ridiculously inexpensive that you don’t feel bad about throwing it out if it doesn’t work out; you don’t feel obligated to keep using it due to how much you spent on it.


As you can see, the containers are a good size. However, they aren’t full. The HD powder was about 1/3 to 1/2 of a full container. The pressed powder looks like you would have a deep pan, but you don’t. It’s very, very thin. More like a sample size amount. You can see in the picture that I have already hit pan and I had only been using it for 3 days.

You have to use an extremely light hand when applying the HD powder or you can wind up looking ghostly pale. You also need to buff it with a big fluffy brush very well or you will end up pale as well.



These photos were taken at about 8:20 in the morning. I had applied my makeup at about 6:30 in the morning. Roughly two hours in and my face oils were already coming  through and I was looking shiny and I was in need of a touch up.

These products did not claim to Mattify, but I was expecting them to last a wee bit longer. When I looked up close in the bathroom mirror it looked as though some of the pressed powder had disappeared in some places on my cheeks. Just poof gone…I was very disappointed in the lasting power of this product…or lack thereof.

Do when the rest of my E.L.F. products come in this week most of it will go directly in the trash. I will keep the brush, lip gloss crayons, and finishing spray and see how they fare. Stay tuned.


Argan Oil


This product is literally like it has been nicknamed: liquid gold in a bottle. I absolutely love it. You can not only use it as a face moisturizer but also as a serum to reduce frizz and restore shine and a healthy look to your hair. It can also be used in lieu of lotion for dry skin.

I stumbled upon this gem when I was searching for a decent moisturizer because the one I had been using my skin didn’t seem to care for any more. I certainly am glad I found it. I have used it for all of the uses I mentioned above but tend to use it most as a moisturizer. 

I have never used a moisturizer that works as well as this. I use 4 to 5 drops after washing my face both in the morning and evening. It leaves my skin feeling silky soft and so smooth! My skin never feels dry…

I have oily skin so it is difficult for my skin to ever really feel dry. I know you’re thinking, she must be crazy to put oil on oily skin. But I do and I’m no more oily than when I don’t use it. Maybe even less. Argan oil actually helps regulate the sebum your skin produces…or so I read. Even my mom has fallen in love with it and her skin is super oily.

Argan oil absorbs quickly so you are never left feeling greasy and you aren’t leaving oil prints everywhere. Even though it’s quick to absorb I would recommend if you are using oil control powders to let the oil soak really really good into your skin before applying them. I’d say wait 10 minutes. I usually put the oil on, do something else, then go put on my makeup.

A little of this goes a long way. You don’t want to use too much or you will end up clogging your pores…

For hair it is really great using a few drops in between washes to being shine and life back to your hair. It puts back oils that get stripped out. I’ve even used it before drying my hair to help seal my tresses.

I almost forgot! You can also use it like a lip balm at night before bed. Dab a drop on your lips before sleep and wake in the morning with super soft lips. It’s like magic!

You can find Argan oil for about $25.00. The brand pictured above on the right is Poppy Austin. They sell a 2oz bottle in limited quantities for $25.00 when the run out of the batch they are selling for cheaper each month the price goes up a little bit. The brand on the right is from Essential Depot. They sell a 4oz bottle for about $15.00 but it doesn’t come with a dropper.


The facial brush saga continues

I have finally gotten my skin acclimated to using the facial brush. Now I can use it two to three times a week without getting redness.

I love how deep down clean the cleansing with the brush makes my skin feel. I do notice that sometimes after using it I get a rather larger pimple. I think that happens just because it is pulling up a bunch of icky stuff that has gotten trapped in my pores. I do not mind this one bit. Better out than in…

I’ve been using this brush in conjunction with my black mud soap from sea of spa and my dead sea mud mask and have been seeing great improvement in the appearance of my skin. I happen to love the dead sea mud soap and mask that I will have to tell you all about it later.

I recommend that everyone try using a facial brush at least once. I use a manual brush because I don’t trust a mechanical brush not to really mess up my skin. But don’t do what I did and try to go all gung-ho at one time. Definitely start with once a week and work your way up.

Third use of the facial brush

I’ve used my facial brush three times now. The breakout that occurred with the first use has not gotten any worse (though it has not appeared to have gotten any better). I will need to monitor this situation closely.

I can say that my skin does feel super clean after using it and when I apply my Argan oil it seems to absorb into my skin faster.

Overall I’m very pleased with how things are going, even if it seems as though the brush brought up every pimple I was going to have in the next two weeks months. It’s just to early to tell if this is going to work out for me.

See you on the flipside!

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A new skincare routine

Over the last five or six months my skin has changed. No longer can I wear makeup without getting sever breakouts. It is also becoming oily in areas where I was never oily before. It seems no matter how much I clean or scrub my skin it never gets any better.

Somewhere over the last few years I strayed from what worked. I stopped using my dead sea mud soap and switched to Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser and Neutrogena  Clear Pore Astringent and Neutrogena facial wipes. I stopped using my Trader Joe’s moisturizer and started using L’Oréal. My routine isn’t working. I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin really isn’t liking these chemical based products. Something needs to change and I’m making that change now!

Last night I started washing my face with a manual facial brush ( I’m not ready to spend $200 on a clairsonic). Unfortunately, my dead sea mud soap hadn’t arrived yet so I had to use the Neutrogena that I had on hand. I have to say that my skin felt cleaner and looked a little brighter. I followed it up with 100% pure cold pressed Argan oil (I’m using Poppy Austin) as a moisturizer (I’ve been using Argan oil as a moisturizer for about a week now and love it. The dry areas around my nose don’t get dry any more– more on this magical multipurpose oil in another post).

This is what my skin looked like when I woke up this morning :

I had a small breakout along my jaw line. But they weren’t like regular pimples. They were small and hard and when I ran my finger nail across them they came off. I don’t believe that I scrubbed too hard with the brush because my skin wasn’t red, irritated or tingling. I have read that using a facial brush brings out all the nasty gunk hiding in your pores to the surface so I’m hoping that is it. Only time will tell.

Tonight will be my second time with the facial brush, but guess what?! My dead sea mud soap came so I will be using that instead of the Neutrogena ( I’m using dead sea mud soap by sea of spa it’s about $10 on Amazon on ships from Israel as opposed to the Erno Lazlo black mud soap that is $45 a bar– it can be purchased at Nordstroms).

I will be keeping you posted on my skin progress.

See you on the flipside!

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